Emergency Tool Kit

If you are struggling with transgenderism, and maybe with suicidal thinking, you need to have an emergency tool kit. It is something small that you carry with you at all times. The kit can be a piece of paper folded in your wallet or it can be in your “memo” app on your phone.

The following items are what I suggest that you have inside your emergency tool kit. You may think of other things that would be of help.

1) Suicide Hotline Number: if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, you need to have an emergency number that you can call to talk to someone who has been trained to help you. The phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. If this is a frequent temptation, go ahead and put the number in your phone contacts.

2) Reasons Not To Do Harm: list family, friends, God’s honor, etc.

3) Emergency Contacts: this may include your counselor (if he will give you his cell phone number), your pastor, friends that you can trust, family you can trust. If these people can pray with you over the phone, that can be a big help. They also need to be able to speak God’s truth to you, and have you repeat it, acknowledge the truth out loud. Maybe these are numbers that you have in your phone, but have them in a list if you have several contacts. You call if you are tempted to go shopping or hurting yourself.

4) Fun Places to Go: I really enjoy going to discount used book stores and to antique shopping malls. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I enjoy going to a café and having a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Have a list of things you like to do. I enjoy reading … I collect books. I also collect fossils and amber. But, sometimes getting out of the house is necessary and maybe calling a friend to do something together on the spur of the moment is needed. Have a plan, several plans, to distract yourself.

5) Helpful and Comforting Scripture: keep a list of Bible verses that help you when you are tempted to act out. Include verses that comfort you and help you know that Jesus is with you. Anxiety/stress often leads to sin. Talk to Jesus about it … tell your Heavenly Father.

6) Copy of This Website’s Contents: feel free to print any of the content form this site to help you remember the things that have been discussed. Please your God.