MPD/DID: Disorder Issues

MPD stands for Multiple Personality Disorder. DID stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder. When I was seeing a pastoral counselor, and I suddenly blurted out one of the reasons that I was struggling with transgenderism … well, it wasn’t too long before I asked my counselor, “Am I multiple?” And he answered, “Yes.”

Some Christians may have a problem with my use of MPD/DID … but, really the concept, even though it is recognized by psychology and psychiatry, is a Biblical one … God speaks in the Psalms of the “brokenhearted”, the “afflicted”, the “oppressed”, the “poor”. In the Gospels, Jesus talks about the “downcast”. People fit into these categories across a wide spectrum … some being severe.

I personally like the classification DID over the acronym MPD, because “Multiple Personality” might give the impression that there is more than one person inside; whereas DID speaks of “Dissociation” and “Identity” … only one person. We all dissociate … while driving and deep in thought, suddenly coming to the realization that we’re miles down the road and don’t recall paying attention to our driving.

If at some point in your journey with Jesus, you come to the realization that you are “multiple” or very “brokenhearted”, do not be alarmed. Bad things happen in this world … you see it in the news … and the Bible is very clear on the fact that we live in a fallen and sinful world … people do bad things to other people. Severe trauma results in splintering, fragmenting, splitting the mind and heart.

I basically have three systems inside: 1) Big Victor, 2) Little Victor, 3) Fairchild. Big Victor is the denial part of me, he’s the “person” that most people see, the one who functions in day-to-day operations. Everyone needs some denial to function properly. Little Victor contained alters or parts that were effeminate, like Victoria. It took a lot of counseling, journaling and time until all those confused parts were transformed to male parts. It took Jesus tearing down the idol (see the page “The Female Idol”). Fairchild is where all the pain resided, and this was the hardest system to access … took a lot of time and patience. But I praise God my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for helping me to be healed to a great extent, significantly “integrated” or “blended”, and functioning well.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3